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Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Driven by the needs of our customers

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with offices in Canada, and India, Axiad IDS is a Trusted Identity and Access solutions provider for enterprise, government and financial organizations.

The emergence of Axiad IDS as an important player in the Identity Assurance industry is the result of listening to the most critical needs of companies and recognizing that ID security – especially in our increasingly digital world - could no longer be addressed with a patchwork of heterogeneous technologies.

Our approach starts with what customers need from a security and business perspective; we then build solutions that address these needs to safely interact online, access information from anywhere and leverage today’s digital realities.

With Axiad IDS, companies get a single supplier providing an integrated solution without sacrificing security.


Axiad IDS was founded by industry experts with extensive backgrounds in developing, deploying, and managing Identity and Access Management products. We have experienced first-hand the challenges associated with implementing and managing mission-critical identity systems, as well as what enables their success.

Our accumulated expertise is foundational to our business strategy. We are driven by our customers' business needs, rather than by finding potential use cases for specific technologies. Our focus is to create value for our customers by addressing their business objectives with innovative and cost-effective solutions that optimize value while minimizing implementation and user adoption challenges.

Axiad IDS’s portfolio of technology partners enables us to offer solutions from a rich product range without the limitations of single-function products. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive set of services—design, implementation, post-deployment support, and management—which ensures that customers are provided with proper assistance over the life-cycle of the project.


We know finding the right solution to protect your organization is a choice not to be taken lightly. That is why we offer a free consultation to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Management Team

Co-CEO Bassam Al-Khalidi

Co-CEO and Principal Consultant - Founder

Bassam Al-Khalidi

Bassam has over 15 years of experience in designing and deploying Identity and Access Management solutions across large government, enterprise and healthcare organizations. Bassam is a leading expert in CAC/PIV SmartCard and PKI deployment and has been involved in multiple enterprise-class ID badge deployments over the last several years.  He has held a variety of management and senior technical roles for established industry leaders, including ActivIdentity.


Co-CEO Yves Audebert

Chairman, President, and Co-CEO - Founder

Yves Audebert

With more than 25 years of experience in secure Identity solutions and multi-factor authentication, Yves is both a visionary and hands-on entrepreneur. He has a long track record of patented innovations and executive experience in building and leading worldwide organizations. Before Axiad IDS, Yves co-founded ActivCard (renamed ActivIdentity). From its creation to November 2008, Yves led the company in multiple executive positions including Chairman of the Board and CEO.  ActivIdentity became a preeminent provider of High-Assurance Identity solutions to the US Government, as well as to Governments and Fortune 1000 companies around the world. In 2010, ActivIdentity was acquired by HID Global to augment their identity product portfolio. Yves is also a co-founder of Axiad IDS’s parent company, Axiad, Inc.


VP of Operations Jerome Becquart

Chief Operating Officer

Jerome Becquart

Jerome drives our business operations, and corporate marketing team. He has over 20 years of experience in Identity and Access Management solutions including 15 years at ActivIdentity. Jerome’s management experience includes roles in operational management, professional services, product and solution marketing, and engineering and technical support. After the acquisition of ActivIdentity by HID Global in 2010, Jerome served as General Manager of the HID Identity Assurance business unit.  He chaired the Global Platform Government Task Force for 3 years, and served on the Board of Directors of this Industry organization.


CFO Thomas Jahn

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Jahn

Thomas is an operational executive with broad experience in finance and general management. Thomas was interim CFO and CEO of ActivIdentity a global leader of identity assurance. He was the co-founder and principal of AIC Solutions, a physical security design and installation company based in Boise, ID. Thomas began his management career at Raychem, Inc., which was acquired by Tyco Electronics in 1999. While at Tyco, he held several positions including president of Tyco Power Systems and Printed Circuit Group, vice president of M & A Integration, and various divisional and regional CFO positions within the company.


VP of Solutions Marketing Monica Nascimento

Chief Technology Officer

John Babbidge

John is a recognized expert in identity and access management with over 20 years of experience driving architectural and technical strategies for organizations in the security space. Prior to joining Axiad IDS, John served as a Vice President of Engineering at Identiv, where he led the evolution of company’s physical security suite of products ranging from large-scale enterprise access control services to virtual and embedded access control appliances. John also held leadership positions at HID Global as a Director of Global Architecture, and ActivIdentity, where he oversaw organization’s large-scale server and client identity and security products. John holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Computing from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.


Marc Headshot.jpg

Vice President and Principal Consultant, Technical Services

Marc Puverel

Marc leads Axiad IDS’s Technical Services team comprised of sales engineering, professional services, technical support, and managed services. Marc brings expertise in key technologies and consulting methodologies from 20 years of designing and implementing complex Identity and Access Management solutions for Fortune 1000 companies around the world. Prior to joining Axiad IDS, Marc held Professional Services, Business Development, and Sales Engineering roles at ActivIdentity in the U.S. and France, where he developed the passion for both customer interaction and technological challenges.

Numair 4 touched up.jpg

Vice President, Identity and Access Management Solutions

Numair Malik

Numair leads the design, development and operations of Axiad IDS' Identity and Access Management Solutions, and drives the development of Axiad’s core products. Numair brings more than 17 years of management and senior technical experience in Identity Management. Prior to joining Axiad IDS, Numair held leadership roles with Oracle’s Identity and Access Management team. Previously, he was a senior engineering leader for HID Global Identity Assurance, where he was responsible for delivering ActivIdentity/HID’s credential management and authentication products for on-premises and cloud deployments. Numair’s background includes a blend of internal and customer-facing roles that has helped him develop a balanced, customer-focused approach to running an engineering organization.


VP of Technology Gurpreet Manes

Vice President, Technology

Gurpreet Manes

Gurpreet leads Axiad’s technology roadmap with more than 17 years of experience in cutting-edge network security and identity management technologies and methods.  Prior to joining Axiad IDS in 2017, Gurpreet served in variety of management and senior technical roles at IBM, Lenovo, Oberthur, SafeNet, and SecuEra. His contributions included the development of the many hardware and software products for Cybersecurity, Identity and Access Management for people, devices, and internet of things.


VP of IAM Solutions Samuel Lellouche

Strategic Advisor 

Samuel Lellouche

As the former VP of Cloud Identity and Access Management Solutions, Sam led the definition, design and development of the Axiad ID Cloud Portfolio.  In his role as Strategic Advisor,  he  brings  over 15 years of experience in delivering security solutions to market and will provide advice and guidance on overall product strategy and direction. Sam has held a variety of management and senior technical roles in network and security architecture, product and program management, as well as business operations. His experience includes early stage startups in France and Silicon Valley and large global organizations, including ActivIdentity/HID.