Axiad IDS, Inc.


Protect your organization with Strong Authentication.


Enable Higher-Trust Authentication to protect your assets.

With the increasing number of Internet-enabled devices, reliable authentication is crucial to allow secure communication in networked environments. In the Internet of Things scenario almost any imaginable entity or object is now able to exchange data over a network. It is important to realize that each access point is a potential intrusion point. Each networked device needs strong authentication.


HID ActivID Authentication Appliance

HID Global’s ActivID® Authentication Appliance is used by enterprises and banks worldwide to secure access to networks, cloud applications and online services to prevent breaches and achieve compliance with the updated FFIEC guidance, PCI DSS and equivalent mandates, policies and guidelines. Available as an Appliance, virtual appliance and software.


Threatmetrix TrustDefender Cybercrime Protection Platform

The TrustDefender Cybercrime Protection Platform provides comprehensive, context-based authentication, protecting mission-critical enterprise applications from hackers and fraudsters. ThreatMetrix™ has created a comprehensive process to create trust across all types of online transactions, guarding against account takeover, card-not-present, and fictitious account registration frauds.


NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework

NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework lets you move beyond username and password to a more secure way to protect your sensitive information. Using multifactor authentication, you can now step your protection up to the next level when fraud or unauthorized access are overriding concerns. And because NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework provides secure access with a simple gesture, you now have the speed and convenience not possible with username and password.


inWebo Cloud Authentication

Protects access to your infrastructure, including VPN, major SaaS applications, SSO and Identity Solutions. It leverages your mobile phone or any trusted personal device as a secure credential. With a unique, FIPS-140-2 Level 3 certified security design, inWebo combines the flexibility of the Cloud with bank-grade security.