Axiad IDS, Inc.

Government System Integrator

Government Systems Integrator


User authentication, machine authentication, and digital interactions.

Today’s digital ecosystems demand more than user authentication. Machines and digital interactions must be trusted too. Our comprehensive Cloud service made that possible for this large government organization.


Had to pass annual DoD and government audits

Dealing with multiple multi-factor authentication systems that were hard to manage.

No longer had expert resources who managed their on-premises solution.


Axiad ID Cloud: Authentication, Signature, Encryption for workforce and partners worldwide

Replaced multiple on-premises systems

FIPS 140-2 Level 2 USB keys for users with privileges

Mobile soft tokens and Hello for Business, HW OTP tokens for users without a phones

Machine and system authentication certificates, domain controllers, virtual machines, Microsoft system center configuration manager

SSL certificates for public-facing servers

Transaction authentication for trusted communications with partners on defense projects and DoD customers with Axiad ID Cloud Federal Bridge option

End result:

Passed audits, met operational requirements, reduced costs, freed up IT team