Axiad IDS, Inc.

Large Manufacturer of Control Systems

Large Manufacturer of Control Systems


Deployment of 13,000 YubiKeys and user authentication

To meet compliance requirements, this large manufacturer began to deploy 13,000 YubiKeys manually. But the complexity and cost of lifecycle management soon brought this spreadsheet-based deployment to a halt. Our comprehensive cloud service helped them complete the project, cost-effectively, easily, and securely.


Contract required NIST SP800-171 compliance

Deployed +13K YubiKeys

Lifecycle management from manual deployment too complex and costly


YubiKeys for PKI authentication to Windows, MAC, and VPN for all users

PKI certificates on the phone (with Microsoft InTune) for device authentication

MFA to cloud applications via ADFS (single sign-on)

OTP authentication for non-PKI enabled applications

Migrated all on-premises authentication systems to Axiad ID Cloud

End result:

Met contractual and operational requirements, reduced costs