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New Certified SAFE-BioPharma Solutions

Certified SAFE-BioPharma Solutions

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Biopharmaceutical and healthcare organizations need an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to ensure cybersecurity and identity trust throughout their ecosystems.

The SAFE-BioPharma standard mandates use of PKI in biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies to protect information exchanged via the Internet. The standard also requires MFA to prove an individual's identity. The integrity of every document signed with a SAFE-BioPharma digital signature is guaranteed. Each signer can be clearly identified, and SAFE-BioPharma digital signatures are legally binding.

Axiad ID Cloud and certified SAFE-BioPharma credentials

With Axiad ID Cloud, SAFE-BioPharma compliant credentials can be now created and authenticated in-house from a secure portal rather than relying on a service provider. It allows authorized users to access the portal and hence enables administrators to focus on operational matters.

SAFE-BioPharma certificates can be loaded directly to a secure PKI token, smart card, or any FIPS 140-2 credential or device. Each certificate is equipped with a storage of private keys that never leave the token (FIPS-certified and NIST LOA 3 compliant).

Lifecycle management
With Axiad ID Cloud, users can load SAFE-BioPharma certificates directly onto their secure tokens or smart cards. The certificate is therefore portable and usable in any system, making the issuance, updating, and replacement of secure credentials easy and simple.


Additional features and benefits of Axiad ID Cloud

Automated - eliminates manual setup, which increases scalability, simplifies deployment, reduces complexity, and lowers upfront investment

Enables quick compliance with even the most rigorous mandates by providing a versatile multi-factor authentication

Includes a dedicated certificate authority (CA) for every customer. CA can be used to issue certificates for both users and devices (domain controllers, WiFi routers, and mobile devices). CA is delivered through a Virtual Private Cloud to eliminate co-mingling of data, which provides additional layers of security.