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Unauthorized access and IT breaches are damaging to businesses, causing financial and intellectual property losses, negative impact on brands, and costly legal liabilities. No matter the industry or market, today’s enterprise must respond to increasing threats. The challenge is how to protect information while still enabling productivity so you can go about business as usual… and to do so with fewer IT resources and security experts.  

Axiad IDS can help lessen ‘authentication frustration’ while increasing an organization’s trust, confidence and freedom to operate in today’s digital world. Our team provides comprehensive methods to authenticate identity and infrastructure to ensure that only trusted identities and equipment are granted access to your network. Users will be able to safely interact online, access information from anywhere and leverage today’s digital world in a way that creates business value.



Organizations require strong identities they can trust to conduct business, while customers, employees, and citizens need a less frustrating method to authenticate their identity. Our mission is to enable our customers to issue, manage, and use Trusted Identities for people, systems, and devices to prevent unauthorized access and IT breaches, enabling trust for today’s digital world. Trusted identities require a holistic approach; from initial issuance of the credential to securely managing that credential over time.


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Implementing and managing mission-critical identity systems is complex. Advanced technologies are available, but too often solutions involve multiple suppliers, leaving the management and cost of integration to fall on already-stretched IT departments. Axiad IDS manages this complexity for you. As a fully hosted-service, Axiad ID Cloud is easy to deploy, reduces risk, lowers upfront investment, can be operational in a few days, and is highly secure. By removing the need to be IT security experts, organizations are freed to focus on their core business and quickly and easily comply with even the most rigorous mandates.

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The Axiad ID Cloud platform enables a portfolio of products that help organizations quickly and cost- effectively implement and manage a mix of user and device credentials covering a range of assurance and authentication levels to meet their unique needs and budgetary requirements. With products ranging from Trusted User Certificate-Based Identity, Trusted User Flexible Authentication and Trusted Infrastructure,  Axiad ID Cloud offers a truly secure, integrated and simplified solution to leverage your digital assets and protect your entire ecosystem  - from employees and contractors to data, devices and infrastructure. The result is better protection, simpler deployment, less complexity and lower upfront investment.



Axiad IDS, a leading provider of trusted identities for enterprise, healthcare, government, and financial organizations, announced the general availability of Axiad ID Cloud, a modular enterprise identity cloud service. Axiad ID Cloud enables organization to issue, manage, and use identities they can trust. It helps organizations protect against costly data breaches and comply with rigorous new mandates. 



Founded by a team of experts with extensive experience and strong industry knowledge, Axiad IDS has garnered recognition as an important player in the Identity assurance domain by leveraging its experience to enable organizations to implement security mandates and meet compliance requirements. In this article, learn how Axiad is helping organizations across industries quickly, simply and affordably address potential breaches head-on before they happen.

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