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At Axiad IDS, we understand General Dynamics works closely with its federal agency customers, identifying their unique needs and delivering innovative solutions to support their most critical operations. Axiad IDS has been working alongside General Dynamics Electric Boat, General Dynamics NASSCO and General Dynamics APL to help remove the burden of implementing and managing highly secure solutions.  As a trusted advisor and partner, our mission is to give our General Dynamics customers the freedom to access online information and the confidence to perform digital transactions anytime, anywhere, and from any device so that they can leverage today’s digital economy. Also - as suppliers to the Department of Defense - we understand you are impacted by the NIST SP800-171 mandate.  The December 31,2017 deadline has passed. We are working with a whole new group of suppliers who rushed into a solution to meet the deadline and now want to make sure they’ve got the right solution for the long-term. A solution that meets both their risk profile and long-term business needs.  And perhaps, most importantly allows IT teams to focus on their organization’s business needs by removing the “ID solution” burden.

A strong authentication infrastructure is a key component of a modern IT security system and needs to provide a variety of authentication options tailored to the different risk profile of each organizations user populations. This page is to provide an overview dedicated to our proposed solution for General Dynamic’s next generation Multi Factor Authentication.
Specifically, outlining the security benefits and demonstrated value of our solution.

You are invited to our 30-minute webinar focusing "You've complied, now what?"
The moment to comply has passed. Now it's time to ensure you have a long-term solution that:
- Meets your risk profile and budget;
- Grows with you, regardless of your skill or resource constraints.
If your solution's not the right fit...or you aren't sure ...join our webinar to learn how our Trusted Identity solutions, including Axiad ID Cloud, can confidently protect against IT breach.

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Let's talk! A new blog series from Axiad IDS. First post featuring the looming deadline to comply with NIST SP800-171

I looked at the calendar this morning and thought, it’s time for me to make some noise! For months (actually this entire year), I’ve been informing customers about the looming deadline to comply with NIST Special Publication 800-171. It is now the end of November and it’s all getting very real — just one short month until the December 2017 deadline.