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Managing the Complexities of Cybersecurity — We’ve Got Your Back

You can’t scan the morning news without finding a story about the latest cybersecurity threat. The good news: there are a lot of smart people working to make sure technology keeps pace — making it more and more difficult for the bad guys to breach your data. The bad news: new cybersecurity technologies are complex and the talent required to manage these security solutions is scarce.

According to a March 2017 Forbes article*, the ISACA, a non-profit information security advocacy group, predicts there will be a global shortage of two million cybersecurity professionals by 2019. Between the growing risk and cost of attacks, the complexity of managing security solutions, and the severe shortage of IT resources, it is simply no longer feasible for in-house IT teams to shoulder the cybersecurity burden.

And this isn’t just an issue in the United States. I just returned from a two-week trek across Asia — completely unplugged which gave me a lot of time to chat with the locals. Even in Vietnam where the unemployment rate is at an incredibly low 2.02 percent, employers are dealing with paralyzing technical and managerial skill shortages. While the types of skill shortages may vary from country to country, the challenge is real and the impact is felt across industries.

There is good news, however. While organizations could certainly benefit from more internal IT resources, they no longer need to rely upon them. Increasingly, organizations are turning to trusted partners to cost-effectively manage cybersecurity systems while focusing internal IT teams on activities more directly aligned with business objectives.

Not only can this approach improve the manageability of cybersecurity systems while reducing costs and increasing flexibility but — because organizations are no longer required to invest in owning the cybersecurity talent — the risk is also lowered. One of the biggest complaints I hear from customers is that they invest a lot of money hiring and training top cybersecurity talent only to have that talent leave — creating a huge gap in the IT department and leaving the company and all of its stakeholders vulnerable.

And for many of our clients, a gap in cybersecurity talent also places them at risk of being out of compliance with strict industry mandates. Specifically, I’m talking about contractors to the government, healthcare organizations and financial institutions.

So one way to cost-effectively manage cybersecurity resources is by outsourcing to a cloud-based service like, Axiad ID Cloud. As a delivery platform, the cloud allows organizations to deploy highly secure solutions to reduce costs and dependence on internal resources, improve manageability, and ultimately, accelerate implementation.

With employers struggling to fill more than 200,000 cybersecurity related jobs*, this approach makes a lot of sense. Companies must re-think their long-term strategies for managing cybersecurity risk. And for this reason, cloud-based solutions are gaining momentum as a platform.

I’d welcome the opportunity to share more about how we are helping organizations like yours implement a cloud-based cybersecurity strategy for competitive advantage; leveraging external security experts to stay one-step ahead of the bad guys. Please feel free to reach out to me direct.



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Monica Nascimento is the Vice President of Solutions Marketing at Axiad IDS. Axiad IDS provides trusted identity and access solutions allowing customers to: safely interact online; the freedom to access information from anywhere; and the confidence to fully benefit from today’s digital world.

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