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Mobile Everything is On the Rise BUT…

Do you mix business and pleasure? I’m not talking about vacationing with the boss’ family. I’m talking about mixing corporate data with personal information. Or perhaps, using your personal mobile device to access business files and documents.

Today our mobile devices are an intricate part of our everyday life. To be completely transparent, if I accidentally drive away from my home without my cell phone — I will turn around and go back for it even if it means I’m going to be late for my next appointment. I no longer memorize phone numbers and other contact information because it is stored in my cell phone. Same with my calendar — I organize my day via the calendar on my cell phone which in turn syncs with my work computer.

This said there are limits to what I will and won’t carry on my personal mobile device. For instance, while I’d carry my drivers license on my mobile phone without question, I’d have a problem with using my personal phone to authenticate applications at work -– think Salesforce. I’d also think long and hard about using my personal phone to allow access to a building. Thankfully, I have a business phone for these applications but all employers aren’t able to issue company phones to every employee. — Just one example as to why mobile phones — while prevalent — won’t work in every situation.

Imagine being a CIO or CSO or IT manager trying to figure out how to securely operate and manage an enterprise with all of these variable situations.

Truth… Managing a mix of enterprise credential requirements is not for the faint of heart. Simply saying it is complex is an understatement. Good news — Axiad IDS understands this complexity and is constantly innovating in the integration of mixed credentials, including mobile devices, within the enterprise. Today’s modern enterprise requires a full range of authentication options that can be customized to any population and use case.

In my role at Axiad IDS I have the pleasure of speaking with customers every day — all sizes and across industries — and I will share a little secret. While enterprises definitely can’t stay stuck in a completely physical world, it is not realistic to think they will go completely mobile either.

For example, while governments are offering mobile drivers licenses and other government-issued credentials via mobile phones, it is equally important they have a back-up system for emergencies. Another example where mobile simply won’t work is with privileged users who require higher levels of assurance (e.g. FIPS 140-2 Level 2). And the reality is even some data centers still don't — and may never — allow employees to bring personal mobile devices into the facility.

Axiad IDS understands you have multiple populations within your enterprise — each with different security requirements. Only a few companies are able to provide the flexibility and mix of solutions to meet your every need.

I’d welcome the opportunity to chat with you one-on-one to better understand your organization’s unique authentication and identity and access management needs. Our vision is to provide customers with the freedom to confidently access online information and perform digital interactions anytime, anywhere and from any device. I’d love to hear from you.




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Monica Nascimento is the Vice President of Solutions Marketing at Axiad IDS. Axiad IDS provides trusted identity and access solutions allowing customers to: safely interact online; the freedom to access information from anywhere; and the confidence to fully benefit from today’s digital world.

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