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Axiad IDS and Customer Team Up as Co-Panelists at Securing Federal Identity 2018 Conference

Security Experts to Share Vision for How Mobile and Cloud Identity Programs Create Trusted Communities that Benefit Citizens


SANTA CLARA, Calif. – June 4, 2018 – Axiad IDS, a leading provider of authentication and identity and access management solutions for enterprise, healthcare, government and financial organizations, today announced it will be a panelist at Securing Federal Identity 2018 in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, June 5. Bassam Al-Khalidi, co-CEO of Axiad IDS, will team up with Damon Becknel, CISO of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey, on the panel entitled “Managing Mobile and Cloud Identity Credentials” at 4:30 p.m., along with representatives from NIST and AAMVA.

The conference is focused on bringing together the most important developments, innovations and experts in federal identity credentialing and access security. Together Al-Khalidi and Becknel will address “Mobile and Cloud Identity Programs - How Trusted Communities May Benefit Citizens.” They will elaborate on how Becknel brought standards and methods originally driven by the government for federal identity – i.e. high identity assurance technologies leveraging PKI – via the Axiad ID Cloud platform to the healthcare industry. The copanelists will then share a vision for extending the value and benefits of trusted identity beyond internal users to the population-at-large.

Phase 1 of the project covered employees and contractors. Al-Khalidi and Becknel will discuss how easy the platform was to deploy, manage and maintain by its operators and how significantly it improved the user experience. The success of Phase 1 led to a larger vision for Trusted Communities where credentials are no longer just for internal users. Smart cards and mobile phones in a scalable cloud environment can enable data breach protection, portable medical records and secure communications for citizens – even beyond the customers of a particular healthcare organization.

“Building trusted communities will require providing hardened digital identities that scale and easily connect to other organizations while ensuring a low friction experience, ” said Damon Becknel, CISO of HBCBSNJ. “Organizations everywhere have pursued and achieved this goal for internal use cases. We now need to turn our attention to extending this to external use cases.”

“In today’s digital world, trusted Identity requires that all the entities that interact with an organization must be addressed – from employees and contractors to customers, partners and machines,” said Al-Khalidi, co-CEO and Principal Consultant of Axiad IDS. “Mobile and cloud identity solutions can eliminate the need to choose between security, ease-of-use and ease-of-management.”

Booth 11: Axiad IDS Cloud Solutions

Axiad IDS will showcase its Axiad ID Cloud solutions at Booth 11, June 5-6. Axiad ID Cloud empowers organizations to:

  • Deploy, use and manage secure enterprise credentials

  • Facilitate trusted interactions between users, applications, machines and systems

  • Dynamically manage credentials in the field – with the flexibility of OTP and the strength of PKI

The result is better protection, simpler deployment, less complexity and lower upfront investment. Axiad ID Cloud supports OTP, PKI, U2F and multiple form factors: YubiKeys, smart cards, virtual smart cards, and phone-based authentication.

About Axiad IDS
Axiad IDS is a Trusted Identity solutions provider for enterprise, government and financial organizations. Axiad IDS was founded by industry experts with extensive backgrounds in developing, deploying, and managing identity and access management solutions. These experts have experienced first-hand the challenges associated with implementing and managing mission-critical identity systems, and are experienced in overcoming those challenges, enabling their success. Axiad IDS is driven by its customers’ business needs, addressing business objectives with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Axiad IDS was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. 

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