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NIST SP800-171 Webinar Series

October Webinar Series

Ingram Resellers:
If your customers supply to the federal government, SP800-171 will impact them.  Large and small organizations must comply by December 31, 2017 or risk losing lucrative contracts. We are offering a dedicated 30 minute webinar session for Ingram Resellers to quickly understand the mandate and how to help your customer’s comply.
Our Webinar will help you understand the mandate and how to help your customers continue to do business with the government.

  • Who needs to think about NIST SP800-171 compliance and what is at risk?
  • What are the challenges of implementing technologies such as Authentication and Privileged Access Management?
  • Three different use cases sharing a common goal: comply with the mandate, reduce complexity, and contain costs.

As you know cyber-security is a vast market with hundreds of vendors serving thousands of needs. While multi-factor authentication and password elimination are some of the hottest growth areas due to mandates such as this one, succeeding in that market requires expensive investments: choosing the right vendors, knowing how to integrate them, having access to best pricing, and having a team that can effectively provide deployment and support services.

Axiad IDS can help you offer a solution to your customers and provide immediate relief to this mandate. Learn more today.