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NIST SP800-171 Webinar Series

January & February NIST SP800-171 Webinar Series

Has your company become NIST SP800-171 compliant? The critical deadline of December 31, 2017 has passed. Billions of dollars of new and existing contracts could now be at risk for non-conforming contractors. Join our 30 - minute webinar to learn how to quickly, easily, and cost - effectively comply wtih NIST SP800-181. 

Our webinar will help you prepare so you don’t risk losing lucrative government business, we will cover:
- Who needs to think about NIST SP800-171 compliance and what is at risk
- What are the challenges of implementing technologies such as Authentication and Privileged Access Management
- Three different use cases sharing a common goal: comply with the mandate, reduce complexity, and contain costs

Contact if you would like a private meeting to learn how we have helped other organizations comply with NIST SP800-171.


Bassam Al-Khalidi  - Co- CEO & Principal Consultant - Founder

Bassam has over 15 years of experience in designing and deploying Identity and Access Management solutions across large government, enterprise and healthcare organizations. Bassam is a leading expert in CAC/PIV SmartCard and PKI deployment and has been involved in multiple enterprise-class ID badge deployments over the last several years.  He has held a variety of management and senior technical roles for established industry leaders, including ActivIdentity.


Let's talk! A new blog series from Axiad IDS. First post featuring the looming deadline to comply with NIST SP800-171

I looked at the calendar this morning and thought, it’s time for me to make some noise! For months (actually this entire year), I’ve been informing customers about the looming deadline to comply with NIST Special Publication 800-171. It is now the end of November and it’s all getting very real — just one short month until the December 2017 deadline..