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Principles for "Frictionless" Experience

Principles for "Frictionless" Experience

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First Principle:
Trusted Identities Require User Authentication, Machine Authentication, and Secure Interactions

know everyone and everything interacting with your resources and assets

Vital to the "frictionless" experience, authentication needs to expand beyond just user identification to assure that machines and digital interactions/transactions are genuine and trusted too.

By understanding the type of access or activities engage by contractors, customers, or machines interacting with the enterprise, organization can protect differently privileged users and the higher risk "personas" that could cause more damage. 

You Need More Than Just User Authentication


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Second Principle:
Enable a Mix of Enterprise Credentials 

ENTERPRISES NEED security and trust across a diverse population with multiple use cases

While mobile credentials are on the rise, a full range of alternatives are still necessary. 
You need both mobile and non-mobile credentials. Examples of where a phone won't work:

  • Privileged users have higher assurance levels – FIPS 140-2 Level 2 requirement  
  • Government-issued credentials won’t go away 
  • Physical access badges are still being used
  • Not every enterprise issues company phones
  • Users may not want corporate data on their personal phone 
  • Regulated industries and mandates

No “One-Credential-Fits All"

Third Principle:
Leverage 3rd-Party Credentials 

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ENTERPRISES NEED Identity Proofing

Establishing trust in identity starts at the very beginning with identity proofing to ensure the credential is issued to the right entity. Government-issued credentials should be leveraged to ensure trust.
Use cases example:

  • Identity proofing at time of enrollment 
  • Used in a emergency access scenario
  • I9 documents for Trusted Certificates (Federal Bridge)

Identity Proofing to Ensure Trust

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Fourth Principle:
Manage the Full Credential Lifecycle 

PROPER MANAGEMENT is vital – scale becomes an issue

Modification or replacement requires a secure delivery mechanism and a trust relationship between the device(s) and the credential management system.

Complexity will worsen over time as cyber threats increase – deleting/upgrading/replacing quickly and securely is critical to  business infrastructures.

Maintain Assurance and Trust

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Fifth Principle:
Includes a Dedicated, Enterprise-Ready PKI

ORGANIZATIONS need a PKI solution to grow and change

Demand for PKI is increasing as organizations rely on digital communications secured by X.509 certificates. Certificates are used for user and device authentication; secure communications; program-to-program and machine-to-machine communications - including the Internet of Things (IoT); encryption; digital signatures; and code signing. 

Managing PKI requires specific expertise not readily found in organizations. Axiad IDS extensive in developing, deploying PKI solutions both on-premises, and through the cloud. 

PKI is not the problem. Managing it is.

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