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Organizations need the highest levels of protection against unauthorized access or IT breaches and quick compliance with complex mandates. Deploying and operating a cohesive and integrated secure identities solution is complex. Even with the most advanced technologies, a piecemeal approach may leave an organization vulnerable. As the risks grow and compliance requirements get more rigorous, deploying a seamless and secure solution becomes increasingly costly, while user experiences suffer. As a fully hosted-service, Axiad ID Cloud is easy to deploy, reduces risk, lowers upfront investment, can be operational in a few days, and is highly secure. Beyond designing, implementing, and managing the solution, Axiad ID Cloud also includes a consolidated dashboard and analytics for all devices, identities, and credentials as well as delivers FIPS 140-2 level 2 Smart Cards and EPCS certificates. Our modular identity solution platform helps organizations cost-effectively implement and manage a mix of user credentials with a range of assurance and authentication levels to meet unique needs and provide trusted identities.

Trusted Identities for Enterprise

Unauthorized access and IT breaches are damaging to businesses, causing financial and intellectual property losses, negative impact on brands, and costly legal liabilities. No matter the industry or market, today’s enterprise must respond to increasing threat levels. The challenge is how to protect information while still enabling productivity so you can go about your business as usual. Axiad IDS can help provide a less frustrating, yet trusted, method to authenticate identity and infrastructure to ensure only trusted identities and equipment are granted access to your network.

Trusted Identities in Healthcare

Facing growing security breaches and related costs, the healthcare industry is seeking innovative solutions to protect confidential information while cost-effectively providing users with convenience and accessibility. The challenge is how to protect sensitive patient information without impeding productivity. With a focus on fast and convenient access to critical information, Axiad IDS’ healthcare solutions close this gap.

NIST SP800-171 Solutions

If you are a contractor to governmental agencies, the NIST Special Publication 800-171 impacts you. You must implement security measures beyond passwords to support these entities by December 2017. Implementing the correct security and data protection processes, and deploying security technologies such as Authentication, Privileged Access Management and others has become increasingly complex and challenging. Axiad IDS can help.


SureID and Axiad IDS make it easy to leverage strong PIV-I credentials to reduce the risk of IT breach and address mandates. Axiad IDS has years of experience deploying trusted identity solutions using advanced security technologies including Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), multi-factor authentication, smart cards and single sign-on. SureID is federally-approved and the leading PIV-I issuer in the nation with more than 150,000 credentials issued to date.

Mobile Identity Solutions

Offering convenience and portability, Mobile has become the go-to-technology enabling more than one trusted identity to reside in a smart device.  Axiad IDS can help organizations leverage mobile technology providing a trusted mobile solution enabling Identity Proofing, User Management that allows multiple credentials under one management portal, credential management and Authentication.



We understand the complexity that is part of protecting your organization from data breach. We provide a comprehensive set of services — design, implementation, post-deployment support, and management — which ensures proper assistance over the life cycle of your project. Our team can deliver support to you through both the cloud or through an on-premise engagement.


Identity and Access Management projects require focusing on strategy, planning and risk management. Axiad IDS provides you with the needed focus without losing track of your near term business goals.


With the right skills and expertise for implementation, deployment, and technology upgrades, Axiad IDS ensures that your Identity and Access Management projects are moving on the right track.


Axiad IDS helps you take the risk out of your Identity and Access Management projects by providing you with the program management skills needed to tackle the challenges faced in such projects.


Many companies don’t have the time, resources, or the skill set to effectively support an Identity and Access Management infrastructure. Axiad IDS Managed Services offers a flexible, reliable, and scalable operational support to keep the level of functionality and availability you expect.