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Unleash the Power of the YubiKey

Unleash the Power of the YubiKey


Mitigate your security threats with a strong authentication choice for your organization.


Organizations are looking for stronger, more flexible authentication methods to support their expanding digital workplace requirements. What enterprises need is a versatile and scalable authentication solution that is also cost-effective, and meets your unique trust requirements without compromising employee agility (or productivity).



Problems we can help you solve:

What happens when a user has lost their authentication device?

What happens when a user has locked their credential?

How do you deploy 40K users globally without creating a support nightmare?

Axiad ID Cloud and YubiKey provide a strong two-factor authentication that is easy to use, deploy, and manage.

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Strong hardware-backed two-factor authentication for the digital workplace

Enterprise-ready Managed Certificate Authority

Fast, secure, and scalable deployment through Axiad ID Cloud

Frictionless user and operational experience for all enterprise users

Organizations are moving from passwords to multi-factor authentication but there is no single authentication method for all use cases. Using YubiKey within Axiad ID Cloud addresses this challenge by providing multiple authentication methods in a device that is a part of a flexible and scalable solution.


Authentication Method


Typical Use Case

Axiad ID Cloud Components



Remote access

Cloud Application

Authentication server



Windows logon

Network logon

E-mail signature and encryption


Certificate authority



Web browsers

FIDO registration and authentication

Discover the key features and benefits of our joint solution.

Allows modern enterprises to address multiple use cases and protocols including smart card/PIV for Windows and Mac workstation login, FIDO U2F for web and cloud authentication, and OTP for secure access to applications.

Cost Effective:
Enables enterprises to securely and efficiently manage the lifecycle of their devices and credentials, while saving on deployment and operational costs.

Works seamlessly on major browsers, such as Google Chrome and Firefox, and operating systems including but not limited to Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.