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Global Government Systems Integrator

Global Government Systems Integrator 

Goals: Increased Security and Simplified Deployment & Support
A Global Government Systems Integrator approached Axiad IDS for help in elevating its security. The integrator wanted to join the Federal Bridge to protect its data, devices and users against the risk of breach with the strongest possible security. Achieving ‘cross certification’ with the US Federal Bridge would allow the company to exceed 800-171 and meet 800-63-2 Level 4.  

After experiencing the cost and complexity of an on-premises solution, the integrator was ready for a simplified and cost-effective deployment and support. The most pressing issues included the difficulty of maintaining an internal ‘braintrust’ of experts to manage the on-premises system; the cost of a retrofit to join the Federal Bridge, the complication of relying on multiple providers, and the ongoing challenges related to installation, upgrading and maintenance.  Cross certification was needed for higher assurance levels across the integrator’s entire population.

The Solution: A Cloud-based Platform
With the help of Axiad IDS as its trusted partner, the integrator reviewed solution options to enable its 40,000 users and 10,000 external contractors to have Cross Certification with the Federal Bridge. The optimal solution would also allow the company to remove password/username vulnerability (and eliminate associated support costs), and implement strong MFA and higher assurance levels. 

To do all of this - quickly, easily and cost effectively – the integrator selected a strong MFA solution delivered via the Axiad ID Cloud. 

The Impact:  Waterfall Benefits - Security, Compliance, Savings
By deploying the MFA solution via the Cloud, the integrator succeeded in rapidly joining the Federal Bridge to exceed 800-171 and meet the high assurance levels required by NIST 800-63-2 Level 4.  Beyond delivering Trusted Identities, the Axiad ID Cloud - a virtual private cloud - provided the company an additional layer of security because there is no co-mingling of its data.

The integrator also quickly experienced a new level of operational ease with the simplified deployment, maintenance and management of an automated Cloud-based solution. The Axiad IDS experts managed the entire set up, making it operational in less than 60 days. The company no longer needed to have a large team of IT security experts to manage the complex system. 

And for the first time, the integrator had easily and cost-effectively created a community of trusted third-party contractors.

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