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Protect Against Internal and External Breaches

Privileged Access Management
WALLIX is a cybersecurity software company which helps many customers to protect and secure their critical IT assets including data, servers, terminals and connected devices. WALLIX was founded in 2003 with a simple vision to create the most effective and complete solution to the challenges of managing privileged user access. The result of that vision is WALLIX ADMINBASTION (WAB) SUITE, a powerful combination of session management, password, and access management with detailed monitoring and auditing for privileged users’ activity, that now protects hundreds of customers around the world to mitigate external attacks, to control third party access, to prevent insider threat, or to meet their regulatory compliance.

Organizations require strong identities they can trust to conduct business and comply with the regulations (NIST SP 800-171, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NERC CIP, etc.), organizations require sound knowledge and strong visibility over their systems or equipment. They must know

  • Who users are before granting access to resources, as well as what those users are doing, how and when after access has been granted.
  • Whether an electronic credential representing an entity (human or machine) can be trusted as belong to the entity

Axiad provides a holistic no-silo approach which enables secure digital transactions throughout the enterprise, through trusted credentialing; Credential Lifecycle Management; Infrastructure enablement and Strong authentication.

WALLIX’s PAM solution ensures that only authorized users have access to sensitive accounts, applications, and devices while simultaneously monitoring and controlling their actions with a simple and elegant architecture that deploys easily and quickly.

In addition to the technical integration, The Axiad and WALLIX partnership brings numerous other synchronicities:

  • Both companies are rooted in providing an overarching security framework that provides ubiquitous and seamless security across all points.
  • Both companies believe that you must have comprehensive security measures that all users can and must follow. It’s important to cover all points of vulnerability – whether that’s monitoring and controlling the actions of a super-admin or ensuring that the super-admin and other users are who they say they are via multi-factor authentication and identity proofing.

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